This Yorkshire Beach Is Known As The Best Place For Rock Pooling In The UK

This Yorkshire Beach Is Known As The Best Place For Rock Pooling In The UK

The rock pools of the Yorkshire Coast are alive with wildlife dropped by the passing tide. Each pool offers its own little treasure trove ready to be explored by you and your kids. And, what’s more, the East Coast is home to Flamborough Headland rock pools which are the best rock pools in The UK, according to the Wildlife Trust.

Teeming with crabs, small fish, sea anemones and starfish, the most northerly outcrop of coastal chalk boulders crate a unusual quarters for these sea-faring creatures at low tide and is the perfect place for a family day out.

Flamborough Headland Rock Pools
Credit: Unsplash

You can search the salty pools for creatures of the sea with the chalk-white cliffs of Flamborough towering over you and listen to the break of the waves on the shoreline.

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The magnificent Flamborough Headland overlooks Bridlington Bay and has some wondrous rock pools perched on the picturesque South Landing beach found on the edge of East Yorkshire’s coast.

Flamborough Headland Rock Pools
Credit: Photo by form PxHere

Why not make a day out of it this summer with a picnic on the beach wrapped up in a blanket with triangle sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiche and orange cordial from a flask. You can sit and watch the sea birds swooping around and perching on the cliff sides whilst you chat about your finds of the day.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Seas Centre is found in Flamborough, where events are held where staff will teach kids about what they’ve seen, found, or heard stories about in the beach’s various rock pools.

The kelp forests, clumps of seaweed and pools create an otherworldly experience where children can lose themselves. The Flamborough Headlands rock pools and chalk boulders hold such strange and peculiar rights your kids will have the time of their life.

Watch video of Flamborough Headlands Rock Pooling below:

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