16 Things That Will Take You Right Back To Your School Days

16 Things That Will Take You Right Back To Your School Days

You know what they say, school days are the “best days of your life” – whether you know it at the time or not. There was nothing quite like spending the day having a laugh with your pals in class, before going home, getting changed, and meeting up with your friendship group for a few games of curby ’til the sun went down. From classic school puddings, to complete classroom throwbacks – here’s 16 things that will take you right back to your school days.

1. Pink custard

Pink custard Fridays were quite the hit at our school – so much so, you’d have to wrestle your way to the front of the queue to make sure the dinner ladies didn’t run out before you got up front!

2. Cat’s cradle

A classic playground game – Cat’s cradle entertained the hell out of us in primary school. Shame I can’t remember now during lockdown…

3. Finding out someone ‘woz ere’

There was nothing quite like marking an important life moment by adding a bit of graffiti to the wall letting everyone know that you woz ere.

4. Chocolate concrete

The ultimate school pudding, and I won’t accept any other nominations. This shit was so good, my mum used to force me to buy her some from the canteen to bring home for her.

5. Flexi-rulers

Credit: Helix

You knew you were at the top of the food chain if you had one of these bad boys. And if you did, you’d protect it with your life.

6. Putting your chewing gum under the desk to find 500 other mounds of it already there

Nothing more disgusting that putting your hand in someone from the previous class’s still-wet chewy.

7. Sneaking through the gates and pretending you were in year 11 so you could go out for lunch

Even though we were about half a foot tall and absolutely no where near puberty, we still gave it our best shot.

8. Getting a new exercise book and writing the date really neat for one day only

Credit: Unsplash

That first day of term handwriting was 10x better than the rest of the years.

9. Bluetoothing each other ringtones

Remember the days of ringtone envy?

10. Bikesheds

A LOT of things went on at the bikesheds. Smoking, “getting off”, and a whole lot of school boy banter.

11. Saying “it’s not my ball” when someone asked to join your game

“Can I play football, too?”… “Ah sorry mate it’s not my ball, ask Liam though”.

12. Getting home and immediately rushing to MSN messenger

Credit: Microsoft

Arguably when technology really peaked. We’d get home from school, tell our parents they couldn’t use their own phone and log on to our dial-up connection to IM our friends on MSN. Oh how I miss that ‘nudge’ option.

13. Spending hours picking a featured song for your MySpace profile

It was essential to choose the perfect song to represent just how emo/townie/insert ridiculous label here we were.

14. Starting a new term with a nice pencil case full of fresh new pens from Woolworths

Nowadays, kids might be mad on their ‘fresh creps’, but back in the day, it was all about a little stationary haul in Woolies.

15. Knocking on each other’s doors to play out instead of spending hours on social media

Back when it cost 10p a text, or even further back to not actually having phones because we were children…

16. Spending hours making a Piczo page full of photos of your friends with tacky GIFs emblazoned everywhere

This was the ultimate way to pass time. We’d have bios of our friends and the lot.

[Featured image: Pexels]

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