26 Brilliant Yorkshire Sayings That Would Confuse Non-Yorkshire Folk

26 Brilliant Yorkshire Sayings That Would Confuse Non-Yorkshire Folk

The Yorkshire dialect is a thing of beauty. Two Yorkshire folk could have a whole conversation and someone not from the county wouldn’t have the faintest idea what’s happening. If there is a sentence that needs shortening, we’ll make sure that it is. Sometimes we make words fit to save time. We asked our wonderful audience the most confusing non-sensical funny Yorkshire sayings they’ve heard that would make no sense to non-Yorkshire folk and compiled them together for you to enjoy.

Why not test ’em out on your friends that think they understand the Yorkshire tongue? If you have any of your own, make sure you share them in the comments, and if they’re proper good we will stick ’em in the list for everyone to enjoy!

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1. A bit black over Bill’s mother’s  – Funny Yorkshire Sayings

An old saying that meant it’s going to blooming rain so you might need a coat. Usually said when rain clouds are approaching.

2. Put t’wood in t’ole 

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Meaning shut the bloody door – it’s freezing! Usually when kids come back from playing and forget to shut the door. Usually followed by ‘were ya born in a barn. This is one of many funny Yorkshire sayings that would confuse anyone else.

3. You’d mek a better door than a winda

When you can’t see the tele because some pillock has stood in front of it. Meaning get out the bloody way naaar.

4. Moff shop, j’wonnote

Usually said when going to get a pint of milk or some tinnies from the shop. Don’t try asking for out fancy, maybe a choccie bar or something. We don’t like to spend much money.

5. Shin tin

When your mum’s friends ring or if the bill collector pops round and asks for your mum.

6. Monk on

What the wife has when you come back from the pub after watching the footie all day.

7. Tint tint tin – Funny Yorkshire Sayings

Well, where is it then?

8. C’unt

Had plenty of people look offended when saying this word. Obviously, Yorkshire folk use it frequently but it’s not the dirty word don’t worry.

9. Stop crying or al gi thi summert t cry about!

Every Yorkshire person’s mum has said this to ’em at some point in life. Whether you’re five or twenty five.

10. Armuch

The Yorkshireman cry, usually heard when down in London and they go to buy a pint and get given London prices.

11. ‘ear all, see all, say nowt. eat all sup all, pay nowt. ‘n if thar eva dos owt for nowt . . alus do it for thisen

The Yorkshire law, this is the motto that all Yorkshire folk live by. It is our lifeblood.

12. put your money away, I’ll buy this round

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If you hear a Yorkshireman say this run, they’re obviously not a Yorkshireman. They’re a fake. We don’t like reaching for our wallets, that’s for sure.

13. Side yerr mess up

When your mum comes into your room after you’ve been hibernating in there all week and asks to clean your room – which is sometimes referred to a pit or a tip.

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14. Sit thi sen Darn

No wasn’t starting on you. This is a friendly request for you to get sat down, usually followed by “brew?”

15. Bet he’s on a good screw!

When someone drives by in a fancy motor, or orders a pint of Peroni in’t pub.

16. Nip t’ chip oyle

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What your mum would say on a Friday as she waves £20 in your face. “Make sure you get a bag of scraps”.

17. Shut thee cake oyle

If not to confuse things, oyle can also be referred to as your mouth. Best to shut your mouth if someone is asking it of you.

18. Who woshi wi? Or, woshi bi ersen?

Two mums gossiping down town is when you’d usually here this phrase. This is a great example of funny Yorkshire sayings at their best.

19. Carry on buggerlugs and tha’ll gerra clip rand’t ear oil

If your mum is saying this to you, you’re best to stop playing up or you’ll be getting that something to cry about she was on about.

20. Tha bairns ‘ard on

Usually said when someone is fast asleep, sometimes sock on is used in other parts of Yorkshire.

21. Mamimia

What you say to your mum when she’s looking for you. Not to be confused with the classic Abba song.

22. Thas got beef wi me ant tha

This is usually said if someone is checking that you’ve got a problem. They’re not asking you to split a plate of beef with them.

23 “Gi’us a chuddy.”

Can I have some chewing gum, please pal?

24. “Stop nebbin’, buggerlugs.”

Stop snooping, you fool.

25. “‘E’s in fine fettle.”

He’s doing very well.

26. “‘Eez int’bog.”

He is currently using the restroom.

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