24 Things That Yorkshire Folk Find Normal That Will Confuse Anyone Else

24 Things That Yorkshire Folk Find Normal That Will Confuse Anyone Else

Yorkshire is like its own country, it has its own traditions and quirks that anyone not from here would be like ‘what?’ We have the population of a small country and with that some strange habits that parents have passed down from generationt to generation. Who knows why we are like it, but we’d never want to change. We put the question out there and some great responses. Check out our lists of things Yorkshire people do and if you’ve got any of your own get ’em shared.

1. When ya grandma dipped her bread in pure fat dripping…

What are you talking about? Why would you dip your bread in fat? The answer, because it’s bloody delicious, that’s why. Nout better!

Leeds Town Hall was built on Park Lane (now The Headrow), Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

2. Greeting a ‘not from Yorkshire’ stranger like they’re your best friends and calling people you don’t know ‘love’.

Don’t be shocked. You’d think we’ve known you all our lives when we greet you with like you’re our best mate. There are no awkward silences with us we’ll make mates with anyone.

3. Having Christmas cake and fruit cake with cheese

Mmmmm, I’m drooling there is nothing better than a great slab of fruit cake with a side of Wensley Dale cheese. If you serve that to be I’ll be a happy man.

4. Eating Yorkshire puddings and gravy to fill you up before your main meal

Credit: photoeverywhere – stock.adobe.com

Yorkshire pudding for starter, main and dessert? Only in Yorkshire. Getting stuck into a good ol’ Yorkshire before your have your meat and two vegs, nothing weird about that?

5. Gravy on yer chips

You’ll regularly hear a Yorkshireman cry “has thou nout moist?” in chip shops across the south of England. There’s nothing better with a tray of chips covered in a load of gravy.

6. Yorkshire Puddings with Jam in/on them

That’s right! Yorkshire puddings aren’t just for a starter! Get some jam out the cupboard and hey presto you’ve got yourself a wonderful dessert to get stuck into! 

7. Punching sharks “reyt in fu**ing ear hole”

If you know, you know! The truest Yorkshireman Paul Sykes famous line would confuse anyone, not from Yorkshire.

8. Being proud and boastful of the fact that you are tighter than the proverbial duck’s arse

Credit: Unsplash

The rare sighting of a Yorkshireman reaching into his pocket. If we can get something cheap or even better for nout then be sure that we will. There will be a few shocking southerners when the Yorkshire cry “hoooww mucch?” comes out when having to pay for a pint in London.

9. Sliced onions in vinegar

Never heard of a Yorkshire salad? Also served with cucumber in some places, if a Yorkshire family serves you this at dinner don’t be shocked! It is edible and goes great wi’ most meats!

10. Having dinner at dinner time and tea at tea time

You may be confused, but every Yorkshire person knows what time dinner is and what time tea is, so we aren’t going to explain that one. You will just have to remain confused.

11. Saying “be reyt” anytime something goes wrong

Anyone from the south might be thinking, what have you just said? But, if things go wrong that’ll be the first thing you hear a Yorkshireman spout. The car’s buggered ‘be reyt’, it is usually followed by ‘pint?’.

12. Bits from fish N’ chips shop!

Credit: Cave Street FIsheries

Also known as scraps – these crunchy golden bits of batter are they perfect side with your fish and chips! One thing you should ever know is no one should ever have to pay for scraps. They should always be free and go great covered in salt and vinegar.

13. Turning “the big light” on

Don’t be shocked if you walk into a Yorkshire household and people start arguing about the big light. Every household has ’em. If you’re asked to stick big light on, just know it’s usually the room light instead of lights. This is usually followed by dads shouting “it’s like Blackpool Illuminations in ‘ere”.

14. T’word “the” doesn’t exist in our speech…  

Why use two words when you can use one is very much the Yorkshire way. If there is a word that can be shortened we’ll make sure that it is. 

We don’t like to mince our words like that.

15. Every city, town and village speaks with a different Yorkshire accent and only Yorkshire folk can tell the difference

You may think you’ve started to understand you’re Yorkshire mate’s accent and are now a fully-fledged Yorkshireman. We’ll drive ten miles down the road and you’ll have to start all over again. We all have our own dialect and our own turn of phrase.

16. Tucking into a pie and mushy peas with mint sauce

Yet another food combination that may have you questioning whether we are all there. Just trust us a get your chops around it as you won’t find any of these combinations outside of God’s Own Country.

17. Black pudding with breakfast

Black pudding is also an important part of a great breakfast in Yorkshire. It’s a breakfast tradition that stretches back hundreds of years. So me dad told me anyway. Yorkshire folk like to play it fast and loose with the truth a lot.

18. Owt can go in a sandwich

What’s in the cupboard? Nothing? Have a look again. Yorkshire folk can create a sandwich out of anything. Whether it’s a pie, sugar or crisp sandwich we’ve tried it.

19. Being ‘Chuffed’ is an emotion to us (as is mardy)

Oh aye, you might not think it, but us Yorkshire folk can be happy. And, we like to describe it as being ‘chuffed to bits.’

20. We become incomprehensible to folk outside of Yorkshire when with a fellow Yorkshireman

To be honest, it can be just as bad for fellow Yorkshireman trying to understand a town’s accent just a few miles down the road.

21. You’re referred to as lass or lad by older folk, even in your 20s…

You elders will always see you as children, so get used to being called lass or lad in place of your given name.

22. You like what you say and say what you bloody well like

We aren’t afraid to voice our opinion, wether people want to hear it or not. When we have one, you’re going to hear it.

23. ‘Are You In Love’ means something totally different to Yorkshire folk

There is nothing sentimental about the phrase in Yorkshire, we just want to know if we can pop round for a brew.

24. People saying ‘Now Then’ and ‘Alreyt’ as greetings

Outsiders may be confused by these two phrases being thrown at them everywhere they go, whereas it makes perfect sense to us Yorkshire folk.

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