17 Things You Need To Know To Impress Yorkshire Folk

17 Things You Need To Know To Impress Yorkshire Folk

To iimprempress Yorkshire folk is nigh on impossible. Some would say that you can’t impress our kind. Although we are as kind and friendly as they come – we don’t like bull shit. So just in case, you decide to try and make some friends while visiting God’s Own Country we’ve created a list of things that will get you off on the right foot. We aren’t saying it’ll work, but it’s better than trying to copy our accent. A good rule of thumb is a pint is always a good start.

If tha knows how to impress a Yorkshire lass, drop us a message because we haven’t got a clue!

1. Easy….just make a ‘proper’ cup of tea!

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Make sure it’s Yorkshire Tea, and make sure it’s strong. Make us a proper brew and us Yorkshire folk will be rightly impressed! It’s even suggest that your ability to make a brew can affect how a potential partner is attracted to you, which couldn’t be truer in Yorkshire.

2. We like homemade Yorkshire puds. None of those Auntie Bessies rubbish

If it’s out of a packet, you’re on your way to offending us. But, if you want to impress us making the most perfect Yorkshire pud will sure yet a doth of the flat cap.

3. Get t’ point, we don’t like mincing our words

If a sentence can be said in a few words, then say it. Shakespeare wasn’t one to mince his words and neither are us Yorkshire folk. If you’ve got a point get to it fast and you’ll have our attention.

4. Buy us a decent pint and you’ll have made a new friend

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We like an ale or two, so if handed a decent pint and we’ll start warming to you. A pint with friends is the classic way in which Yorkshire folk bond, just remember where you are in the round. We maybe tight, but we sure don’t like anyone else being.

5. Get the first round in, and you’ll have made a friend for life

Buy us the first pint, and we’ll be singing your praises to anyone in ear shot.

6. Turn the heating off, it’s not even cold

Get a bloomin’ jumper on, if you’ve got your heating on when we are sat there in shorts and t-shirt we won’t be too impressed. We are the only county that panics when we hear the flicker of the boiler as it turns on.

7. Knowing the difference between a Ginnel & a Snicket

Get on that internet and get searching.

8. Say what you’re going to do. Do it. Keep shut up about having done it

Don’t brag – or tell us what you’re going to do. Do it, then say you’ve done it and we’ll be mightly impressed. We might even offer you a brew.

9. Knowing a breadcake is a breadcake and not a teacake

No arguments over this one, it’s not the oldest row in the UK as there is only one answer.

10. Gravy. A lot of gravy

Doesn’t matter what on. We’ll have it in a mug to sip if you like. Just as long as there is some bread and butter for dipping.

11. Honest people 

Call a spade and spade and you’ll be reyt with us.

12. Know that it’s dinner at dinner time and tea at tea time

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Again, no discussion needed here. Just accept it, and we’ll be mightly happy with you.

13. Wearing a pair of shorts regardless of the month

Good lad, not even cold is it? Get a pair of shorts and maybe a nice string vest and enjoy this warm winters we are having.

14. Not discussing Lancashire folk

Unless it is to say that we sound totally different to Lancashire folk and that our tea is better.

15. Saying fish and chips with scraps

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We know you don’t seem to have these delectable pieces of batter down south but trust us. If you want to be on our good side just accept it.

16. Bathin t’ferrits for us

If tha’ knows what this one is you’re well and truly accepted by Yorkshire folk.

17. Ear all, see all, say nowt; Eyt all, sup all, pay nowt; And if ivver tha does owt fer nowt – Allus do it fer thissen


We had to end on the Yorkshire Law… Get this learned and you’ll not go far wrong wi’ us.

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