‘Gentleman Jack’ Star Surranne Jones Hints At Third Season In The Works

‘Gentleman Jack’ Star Surranne Jones Hints At Third Season In The Works

Gentleman Jack fans have been teased a third series by the star of the show Suranne Jones who has spoken about a third series.

Jones, who plays historical figure Anne Lister, “the world’s first modern lesbian,” wrote about her endeavours in code in her detailed diaries.

Fans noted that it was around this time in the first series that the BBC announced the news for a second, so are waiting for any news that shows signs of a new series and Jones has given us a hint that it could be on the cards.

Credit: BBC

Speaking to the Metro at a recent Sky Up Next event she said: “We don’t know! We’re just kind of like, it’s in the hands of BBC and HBO so I’m sure there’ll be talks now.”

“I know all the fans really want it, Sally [Wainwright, the show’s creator and writer] really wants to write it.”

“As with anything, has there been enough people watching it? Is there enough need for it? I think there is, but yeah… let’s see.”

Credit: BBC

Next Sunday sees the season finale and Gentleman Jack fans are struggling to see how it will be tied up and are expecting a cliffhanger instead.

Taking to Twitter one user wrote: “Sally will 100% leave S2 on a cliffhanger to encourage an S3 renewal and I am 100% not ready for it #GentlemanJack”

Whilst another status agrees saying: “Oh my God. I’m just coming to terms with the fact that there’s only one episode to finish season two. Please don’t give us a cliffhanger 🥺😨 #GentlemanJack.”

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