‘Gentleman Jack’ Latest Episode Has Viewers In Tears Over Upsetting Plot Twist

‘Gentleman Jack’ Latest Episode Has Viewers In Tears Over Upsetting Plot Twist

As the popular BBC One historical drama Gentleman Jack season two nears its finale, things are starting to heat up. Warning: if you’ve not watched the episode yet, you may want to stop reading now.

Ann Lister is having problems with her relationship as Mariana’s meddling proves to be getting in the way. But, the big news was Ann’s secret union with Ann plastered in the York papers, leading to the question, who could have possibly leaked the information?

The revelation led to an emotional scene between the couple that had fans in floods of tears. Ann was left feeling humiliated and Anne attempted to lift her spirits saying: “Do you remember at Crow Nest when Mrs Priestly walked in on us and you laughed.

Credit: BBC

“I was mortified and you laughed. I think in that moment, I saw for the first time the real you. It was as brave as anyone.”

People took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the dramatic scene writing: “Reading the diaries is one thing. Seeing it play out onscreen is quite another. #SuranneJones and #SophieRundle putting me through the emotional wringer. Again. Phenomenal.”

Another person wrote: “I’m not crying….. Honest. This was so beautiful and emotional #GentlemanJack,” while another added: “Crying over this scene.”

Credit: BBC

A mystery figure is plotting against Anne Lister with the news of the secret union along with a snippet that was sent to Lister’s father.

He was not a happy bunny saying: ‘If you didn’t draw attention to how odd you are, they wouldn’t do these things.’

Meanwhile, Mariana (Lydia Leonard) later hinted she may have been the one behind the surprise announcement, even if her former lover doesn’t realise it yet. 

Watch Gentleman Jack Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC One or catch up BBC iPlayer here.

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