‘Healthy’ Kebab Chain, German Doner Kebab, Is Set To Open 2 Restaurants In South Yorkshire

‘Healthy’ Kebab Chain, German Doner Kebab, Is Set To Open 2 Restaurants In South Yorkshire

Popular fast food chain German Doner Kebab are set to takeover in South Yorkshire very, very soon, with two restaurants confirmed to open in both Rotherham and Sheffield Meadowhall. The chain has seen massive growth over the years, with a large number of successful restaurants across the UK, including Batley and Bradford.

Credit: German Doner Kebab

Well known for its gourmet kebabs, the chain has restaurants worldwide, with 47 locations currently open in the UK and an additional 12 in the works – creating 480 jobs by the end of the year.

Imran Sayeed, chief executive officer of the business, said: “Our game-changing kebabs are revolutionising the kebab and we are excited to be announcing these latest growth plans.

“We have found ourselves in very challenging times however there continues to be a huge demand for the German Doner Kebab experience throughout the UK and our international growth regions.

“We are excited to build further momentum in our plans for growth and to be creating hundreds of new jobs throughout the country as we maintain our mission of building the fast-casual brand of the future.”

Credit: German Doner Kebab

Founded in Germany back in 1989, German Doner Kebab’s menu includes a variety of doner-filled items to choose from including traditional kebabs, low calorie options, burgers, quesadillas and high protein boxes. Other highlights include their much loved Flaming Fries, and side options such as Doner topped nachos and Doner spring rolls.

The doner kebab chain also had plans to open five new stores across Leeds, with the first originally set to open in 2020.

Opening dates are yet to be announced, however stay tuned for further updates in the future.

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