The UK Will Be Sweltering In A Nine-day May Heatwave, Starting This Weekend

The UK Will Be Sweltering In A Nine-day May Heatwave, Starting This Weekend

The weather can’t make its mind up at the minute, but it looks like we are in for some sunshine this weekend with temperatures set to increase dramatically as a UK May heatwave is set to arrive this weekend.

Get those BBQs cleaned and a fresh crate of ale in as we are set to have some summer temperatures for the foreseeable future. With temperatures starting to actually soar from Saturday forward, Brits will begin to bake within a fortnight.

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According to the Met Office, temperatures will reach 20 degrees in certain areas of the country this weekend, prompting people to dust off the BBQ and place an order with the local butcher – purchasing locally is always the best idea.

It comes as the three-month forecast says the chances of ‘hot weather’ are twice as high as in past years, raising hopes for a scorching summer after last year’s rain. So, you may as well get planning a holiday to Scarbados, instead of flying abroad this summer.

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Meteorologist Marco Petagna said the weather could get “very warm” by the month’s third week, with temperatures peaking in the south of England – and we could be basking in the heat for up to nine days, it is expected.

“Temperatures are several degrees above where they should be at this time of year,” he said.

He added there was a “small chance” that temperatures could rise into the mid-20s, meaning a “brief” heatwave.

xacta Weather’s James Madden said: “There is now the potential for a major spell of warm weather to develop during the latter part of May or early June.”

But we’ll have to wait – the warmth won’t begin to arrive until the weekend.

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