Giant 6ft King Crabs From Russia Have Appeared In Yorkshire Waters

Giant 6ft King Crabs From Russia Have Appeared In Yorkshire Waters

As if things weren’t crazy enough down on the Yorkshire coast at the minute with reports of seal deaths, a mysterious dog illness and crustaceans washing up dead on the shore – now giants crabs from Russia have been spotted on our coastline as well.

These Russian crabs can grow up to six feet and can weigh up to 28 pounds. Fishermen have spotted these king crabs in the seas near Yorkshire’s beaches, which has now officially scared me from going out for a swim.

Credit: Photo © John M Wheatley (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The crabs can grow to measure 11-inches across their body alone,  the Mirror reports. Whilst fishermen are excited by the prospect of catching these gigantic creatures, they are also worried about the effect they will have on the smaller native sea creatures.

Speaking to the Sun, fish supplier Shaun Henderson, who sells seafood to over 80 restaurants in Bridlington said: “I’m really excited, but worried about our native seafood.”

He said one of his fishermen had caught 40 stones worth of the king crabs this week.

Will Murray, a head chef at a restaurant in London, told the Sun the giant crabs are “some of the best seafood in the world.”

But, showed concern a similar concern saying: “We’re excited, but a bit terrified, as they are invaders and could kill our brown crabs.

“This could be the next grey squirrel but at least they’re easy to cook and enjoyable to eat.”

The giant king crabs haven’t been seen in such big numbers in the UK until recently and were introduced back in the 1960s by Russian scientists. They’re also native to North America and have also done well in the Arctic Ocean.

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