Patrick Stewart Says Yorkshire Tea Advert Was A ‘Career Highlight’

Patrick Stewart Says Yorkshire Tea Advert Was A ‘Career Highlight’

Yorkshire Tea doesn’t shy away when it comes to budgets for their adverts with Yorkshire-born A-listers brought in to help celebrate a ‘proper brew’. And, this time it was the turn of X-Men and Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart to give a rousing speech worthy of an oscar.

The celebrated Yorkshire-born actor shared a clip of the Yorkshire Tea advert on his Twitter with the caption: “Career highlight for one of Yorkshire’s own.”

He thanked Yorkshire Tea for having him for a ‘proppa cuppa’, we can imagine those brews in the US whilst he is filming his Hollywood blockbusters don’t quite cut it.

The ad sees Patrick delivering a Shakespearean soliloquy to a fellow staff member at a Yorkshire Tea leaving party.

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He says: “Ah, Tina. The void – so hollow that you shall leave. The emptiness felt within these walls where only the soft weeping of the forgotten river berates.

Yorkshire Tea responded in kind:

People were quick to praise his performance:

Watch the full Patrick Stewart Yorkshire Tea advert below:

The actor fills the boots of some famous Yorkshire folk indeed with the likes of Sir Michael Parkinson, Dynamo and, Sean Bean preceding him. Who could they possibly get for their next advert?

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