Gordon Ramsay Is Charging £275 Per Head For Christmas Dinner – Not Including Drink

Gordon Ramsay Is Charging £275 Per Head For Christmas Dinner – Not Including Drink

It’s getting to that time of year when Christmas seems too far away for some and too close for others. Christmas dinner is a highlight of the year for most Brits, but I think the Yorkshireman’s cry will be heard far and wide when they hear how much Gordon Ramsay £275 Christmas Dinner would set you back at The Savoy, London – and that’s even before drinks.

The Michelin starred chef’s food will set you back a huge £275 for some posh nosh on 25th December – just for the meal. On top of that are other prices such as the £2 charge per guest and the discretionary 15% service charge. The Christmas day meal goes up to £320 with those charges added on.

The Savoy, who houses Gordon’s popular grill in west London, says: “Celebrate the festive season at Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill.

Gordon Ramsay 275 Christmas Dinner
Credit: The Savoy

“On Christmas day The Savoy Grill will serve a stunning six-course meal with some wonderful dishes including; the Arnold Bennet Soufflé with aged Cheddar sauce, Beef Wellington, Dover sole and orange sorbet with Champagne foam, just to name a few,” which does sound mouthwatering to be fair. There’s a part of me, if I had the money would be giving this bad boy a go – but baaa its pricey.

On top of the meal, you can enjoy the signature cocktails for £17, and a flute of champagne for £150 – drinks also have the 12.5-15% discretionary charge. A bottle of beer is £7, and for the drivers out there a cup of tea is £6.50 or a fruit juice is £5.50.

The chef promoted the Christmas menu at his Bread Street Kitchen, in which people were quick to share their views in the comments.

One person wrote: “That gravy is way too runny.”

Whilst another commented: “I would of walked out. The name means nothing it’s all in the food.”

Whereas others lept to his defense saying: “Gordon’s gravy is supposed to look like that. It just supposed to coat the back of the spoon.”

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Feature Image Credit: Gordon Ramsay Instagram/ savoygrillgordonramsay

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