People Are Fuming At Gordon Ramsey’s £18.50 Fish & Chips

People Are Fuming At Gordon Ramsey’s £18.50 Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips is a part of most Yorkshire folks diet. I know me and Mrs must eat it at least a few times a month. Everyone has their chippy that has been going for years, and to which they believe makes the best chips. If it started doing take away fish & chips for £18.50, you’d soon hop it to the next one screaming the Yorkshireman cry “how muuucch?”

Credit: @GordonRamsey

Well in a video posted to his Twitter, Gordon Ramsey has posted a video of his takeaway fish and chips. And, from what we can see in the video there are seven chips and some fish and chips for £18.50. We aren’t disputing it will be amazing, we’ve watched every episode of Ramseys Kitchen Nightmares, the man can cook. But, that’s a hefty price to pay for some fish and chips, especially, when you’re used to getting change from a tenner at the local.

We are tempted to try Ramsey’s fish & chip takeaway, to judge against some of Yorkshire’s award-winning chippies. But, for now, we will stick to battered sausage and chips wi’ gravy and a bread bun from the local. 

Want to try something different? Scottish chippy added something special to their menu this month that had the nation talking. Codfather added a battered pickled onion to their menu and we have to say they look delightful.

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