What Will Happen To The Queen’s Corgis Now That She’s Died?

What Will Happen To The Queen’s Corgis Now That She’s Died?

It’s no secret that Queen Elizabeth II was a dog lover. Both the Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip, loved animals – and were frequently seen admiring them during various public appearances. But now that she’s passed, what will happen to her beloved fleet of corgis?

Leaving behind three pooches – two corgis and one dorgi – the Queen was a famous fan of the breed, and loved them so much, that she actually owned corgis for a solid 85 years (not the same ones, of course).

But what will happen to the Queen’s Corgis now she has died?

The Queen’s corgis – who were frequently spotted by the Queen’s ankles – are expected to be rehomed with a member of the extended family, however, it is unconfirmed where the pack of three will now call home.

A funny anecdote about the Queen’s corgis is that there is a few members of the family who aren’t fans of the dogs – with the three mischievous pups reportedly known for biting the ankles of various family members.

Royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter told The Independent: “We can only speculate on plans for the corgis – nothing is left to chance with the royal family,

“The royal family is a family of dog lovers, though none are particularly fond of corgis. The Queen was definitely the lord and master and had a wonderful way with them. They were known to nip ankles of the royal family.”

Adding: “All of the Queen’s children would welcome them with open arms,”

Other sources predict that Andrew will take on ownership of the dogs since he is the one who gifted them to her.

The Queen received her first corgi as a gift for her 18th birthday – a female dog called Susan. It was from there that her love for the breed grew into a lifetime of corgi companionship.

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