Yorkshire Pub That Closed In December Is Celebrating A Delayed Chrismas This Weekend

Yorkshire Pub That Closed In December Is Celebrating A Delayed Chrismas This Weekend

A pub in East Yorkshire decided to make light of being closed since Christmas with a winter wonderland reception when they opened their doors to customers this Monday. It’s been a long old time that pubs closed due to COVID, and it’s such a great way to celebrate the easing of restrictions. Green Dragon Pontefract Christmas celebration is happening this weekend.

Green Dragon Pontefract Christmas
Credit: Green Dragon

The Green Dragon in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, had put up decorations in December. And, after having to close due to COVID, they decided to keep their decorations up and celebrate late with Christmas tunes and the lot. They aren’t stopping there either, customers who were a Christmas jumper today can get a free pint, and they’re celebrating Christmas and New Year’s this weekend. They’re even having a countdown to midnight and a rendition of Auld Lang Syne.

The BBC reported that the Land Lady Terrina Tart said her mother and the pub’s cleaner are”Christmas crazy” and handmade many of the decorations back in 2020.

She said: “They spent so long decorating and thinking if we did open for Christmas, then we’d be ready,” she said.

“We have told quite a few regulars who we’ve seen around town that it will be ‘May-mas’, so lots have come in fully decked in Christmas jumpers, Christmas hats and have had a whale of a time.”

In what the pub is calling May-Mas, people who wear Christmas attire get a free shot. It’s worth a bit of tinsel, we think anyway. We say, why stop there! Let’s celebrate all the holidays and missed birthdays this year. We can call it the year of the double birthday – why not?

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