Guinness Has Launched A New Cold Brew Coffee Beer In The UK

Guinness Has Launched A New Cold Brew Coffee Beer In The UK

Great news for all those Guinness lovers out there. A new ice-cold coffee version of the well-known bevvie has been released and is in stores now.

Those who enjoy a pint of the iconic Irish tipple will be ecstatic to learn about the new drink, which promises to combine the magic of Guinness and distinct coffee flavours to create a wonderful and smooth taste sensation.’ 

Credit: Guiness

Simply described, the drink combines cold brew coffee with Guinness draught, with roasted barley flavours balancing the coffee, chocolate, and caramel undertones.

Don’t get too excited though, the beverage is 4% alcohol so you can’t replace it with your morning coffee. It will be available in 440ml cans. It’s also best served ice-cold, according to the manufacturer, either straight from the can or in a glass if you’re feeling sophisticated.

For those concerned about the caffeine content, each can have only 2mg of caffeine, which is the same as decaf coffee.

The head of Guinness, John Burns, said on the launch of the new drink: “We firmly believe we have created a taste experience truly unrivalled in the market.

“With over 95 million cups of coffee being consumed every day in Great Britain alone, now is the moment to offer a product which plays to an excitingly vast consumer space. 

“There is already a natural connection with coffee notes in Guinness’ signature offerings like Draught and Extra Stout, so the creation of Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer was a perfect match.”

From today, April 20th, Guinness Cold Brew Coffee Beer will be available in all good Tesco stores in the UK. In the following months, more stores and off-licences will carry the beverage.

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