You Can Now Get Jam Roly Poly Beer Thanks To This Yorkshire Brewery

You Can Now Get Jam Roly Poly Beer Thanks To This Yorkshire Brewery

That’s right, you read that accurately. Northern Monk, a brewery located in Leeds, linked up with Aunt Bessie’s to create two limited beers and have brought back one of their one-of-a-kind offerings the Northern Monk Jam Roly Poly beer- and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Aunt Bessie’s is well-known across the country for its frozen classics, which include Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, and a variety of other foods that you and your family will appreciate.

Northern Monk Jam Roly Poly Beer
Credit: Northern Monk

You may now enjoy these two Yorkshire institutions in beer form, courtesy of these two Yorkshire organizations.

Northern Monk has not been disappointed with its new beer offering with a classic twist. They are known for producing a wide range of superb tasting beers. 

Prepare to be wowed by the return of the Jam & Custard Pale Ale for dessert. This Yorkshire duo released the beer a few years ago and they’ve concluded that the world needs a bit more optimism and brought back the tasty choice.

The excellent Northern Monk has thoughtfully created this Pale Ale. This excellent drink comes in a 440ml can with a 5.0 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV).

Aunt Bessie’s posted on the social channels saying: “This was no April fool, we have once again reunited with our favourite brewery @northernmonk to bring you the UK’s only Jam & Custard Pale Ale, back by popular demand and based on our Aunt Bessie’s fan favourite: our Jam Roly Poly 🍓

You can get your hands on our deliciously sweet beer exclusively at @Morrisons in single cans or packs of 4!”

Northern Monk and Aunt Bessie’s also made a Yorkshire Pudding Beer, but there is no news about its return.

If you’re wanting a Jam Roly Poly pale ale, which is two of life’s most beautiful creations that have been combined to create something stunning, you can et it exclusively at Morrisons for £3 for a 440ml can. Get your Northern Monk Jam Roly Poly beer here.

Yes, you read that correctly: beer and Yorkshire puds in one lovely bottle of ale. Yorkshire pudding beer exists, and it tastes just like it sounds. The Sunday Roast classic is now available as a beer, and it’s the most Yorkshire thing we’ve ever seen.

The Yorkshire pud beer is brewed with actual Yorkshire puddings from The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company in South Yorkshire and is created at the foothills of the North York Moors. Before being used to make this light, easy-to-drink beer, they’re combined, produced, and hand-cooked in Yorkshire.

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