Harrogate Scraps Annual Bonfire On The Stray Over Environmental Concerns

Harrogate Scraps Annual Bonfire On The Stray Over Environmental Concerns

The annual bonfire on The Stray has been cancelled this year, organisers have announced.

Scrapping the popular part of the event two months ahead of Guy Fawkes Night, organisers cited an increase in costs as one of the reasons behind the decision, alongside the environmental and health and safety issues around Bonfire Night in general.

While the bonfire itself won’t take place, the organisers will still host fireworks and fairground rides, meaning there’ll be plenty to enjoy at the free-to-attend event.

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Organiser Andy Rickard said: “I know some people will miss the bonfire, and we certainly haven’t ruled out having a bonfire in future years, but we thought it was time to try something different.

“I’m incredibly excited about this year’s event and can’t wait to see everyone there.”

Organisers hope that scrapping the bonfire and its associated costs will leave more money to donate to charity after the event.

The event has also been extended from just one hour and a half to four hours, meaning locals will get to take advantage of the new entertainment such as the fairground rides, fire performers and live music.

Other local councils are yet to announce their plans for this year’s Bonfire Night, however, organisers such as Don Valley Bowl near Sheffield and York’s Elvington Airfield have announced plans for big firework spectaculars.

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