Historic City Of York Named In Spots In The UK To Visit This Autumn

Historic City Of York Named In Spots In The UK To Visit This Autumn

Temperatures have finally dropped, and on the dog walk this morning the floor has started to see the first falling of leaves which means autumn is on its way.

And, with that in mind – never one to miss a trick – TripAdvisor has shared its Autumn Travel Index, which reveals the top trending travel spots in the UK for the season – and the historic city of York has made the cut.

Whilst some might be heading to warmer climates, it seems most are looking to stay in ol’ blighty. 85%, in fact, have at least two trips planned between September and November with 60% planning to go abroad.

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This leaves 40% set to travel within the countries top spots with London, Blackpool and Edinburgh taking the top three.

York beat out popular northern destinations such as Manchester and Windermere to take 5th place for popular spots to visit this autumn, which is nothing to be sniffed at.

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As York is a beautifully leafy town the autumn hues help change the look and feel of the spot. We propose you take a visit to the Musuem Gardens and wander around the curated spot before heading to one of its beautiful coffee shops or pubs to warm up.

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Maybe even pretend to be a viking for a day and visit Valhalla pub in York which is decked out in all things Nordic.

Check out the full list of UK travel destinations, according to Tripadvisor:

  1. London
  2. Blackpool
  3. Edinburgh 
  4. Liverpool 
  5. York
  6. Manchester
  7. Llandudno
  8. Bournemouth
  9. Windermere
  10. Glasgow

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