Hull Coronavirus Researcher Develops COVID-19 Test That Takes Five Minutes

Hull Coronavirus Researcher Develops COVID-19 Test That Takes Five Minutes
"We're not after any profits, it's about making a scientific breakthrough."

Hull researcher, Professor Maneesh Singh claims he has developed COVID-19 test that takes less than five minutes and costs only £2.

Tests via the NHS are currently reserved for those most in need, and for those who do get tested, results can take up to 48 hours – in which time symptoms can worsen.

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Scientists around the world have banded together to work on a variety of ways to help defend against the coronavirus, with strategies focusing on quick and cost-effective measures. And now, Hull-based Professor Maneesh Singh of Biocel Analytics believes his test combines both of these things.

The simple test is done by taking a swap sample from the inside of a patients mouth and using infrared micro-spectroscopy, it creates a unique “fingerprint” that can either represent a positive or a negative result.

An algorithm developed by Singh allegedly identifies which samples are infected and, of course, which are not. He has plans to send his “fingerprint spectrum” data via bluetooth to an app, which has the algorithm embedded so results can be given “instantly”.

Hull Live reports that Professor Singh said: “It’s a robust emerging technique,” continuing on to compare the race against the virus as “likened to war and war is when tech comes to the forefront and people have to work more rapidly.”

Speaking about his feelings towards the current situation, Professor Singh said: “I’m not the type to sit back in a crisis, I like to take control, so it’s quite tough to not be as involved as I was in the NHS, but I wanted to try to do something in a different way.”

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