North Yorkshire Moors Railway Is Looking For Permanent & Seasonal Staff

They say the perfect job doesn’t exist, but we think this comes close. North Yorkshire Moors Railway is recruiting and it would be like living out our childhood dream. Who knew that sitting and watching Thomas the Tank Engine all those years ago would actually benefit you? There is a range of full-time and seasonal work going which sounds great.

Credit: NYMR

The NYMR will be back in business from April, so if you’re looking for summer work then this may be the place for you. Back from uni, a student or just looking for some temporary work you can apply for a range of their jobs. The seasonal jobs they have currently range from catering assistant, carriage cleaner to ticket collector.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway recruiting
Credit: NYMR

It sounds like a great time cleaning these beautiful carriages before they go on their journey across the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Or imagine collecting tickets while taking in the views along with the Dales, sounds like it’s not even working to us.

They do have some permanent roles going such as Human Resource Manager, Chef and Shop Supervisors. That you can get more information here.

North Yorkshire Moors Railway struggled over the pandemic when it had to cancel events back in March 2020. Luckily the heritage railway was awarded a Capitak Kickstart Award from the government’s Culture Recovery fund. The grants and money went towards the North Yorkshire Moor Railway’s Magnificent Journey project.

The NYMR is such a part of Yorkshire’s heritage and it well worth the visit, if you’re interested in visiting make sure you check out their experiences here.

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