New Hull-based Comedy ‘Hullraisers’ Is Coming To Channel 4 This Month

New Hull-based Comedy ‘Hullraisers’ Is Coming To Channel 4 This Month

Yorkshire has become quite the fascination for viewers with more and more Yorkshire-based programmes hitting our screens. From the traditional look at Yorkshire’s countryside with ‘The Yorkshire Vet’, ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ and the reboot of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ to the towns and city life with programmes like’ Akley Bridge’. Well, Channel 4 has just commissioned a brand new show based in Hull, brilliantly named ‘Hullraisers’.

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Hull’s own Lucy Beaumont, known for ‘Meet the Richardsons’ with comedian Jon Richardson, has written the new series with Ann-Marie O’Connor of ‘Trollied’ and is produced by Fable Pictures who brought us Channel 5’s ‘Anne Boleyn’.

Beaumont’s ‘Hullraisers’ is a chaotic comedy that centres around three women, Toni, played by Hull-native Leah Brotherhead, Rana, played by Taj Atwal and Paula, played by Sinead Matthews. The female-led comedy takes a look at the three characters’ working-class dishevelled lives – juggling work, kids and the demands of everyday life with hilarious consequences.

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Toni, the mother of a 4-year-old, Leah, dreams of being an actress whilst she hands out cheese samples in a supermarket car park. Whilst her self-deprecating sister Paula, who married her childhood sweetheart, is a down-to-earth matriarchal of the group. With Rana, Toni’s best friend, ruled by her libido, she shows no signs of wanting to settle down.

Toni is a big-hearted tornado of chaos. She’s a self-described actress with no acting jobs (she can currently be found ‘auditioning’ to hand out cheese samples in a supermarket car park). She adores her 4-year-old daughter Leah and her soulmate Craig, but she still dreams of escaping Hull and craves her old life. Like many of us, she’s caught between being the person she once was and the person she’s becoming.

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‘Hullraisers’ was adapted from the Israeli hit show, ‘Little Mom’, which has been recommissioned for its fifth series and is exclusively distributed worldwide by Dori Media.

Writer Lucy Beaumont said: “It’s an absolute privilege and honour to be working with one of the most talented and dynamic production companies in the UK, and Channel 4, who are absolutely killing it with comedy that raises the bar and pushes boundaries. I’m so excited about showing the world these true Hull characters and the city that has moulded them – a city that has kept its talent and attributes hidden for too long!”

Hannah Farrell/Faye Ward from Fable Pictures said: “We’re so excited to be making this with Lucy and Anne-Marie. Their scripts capture a version of family life we just don’t see enough on TV – Hullraisers puts the focus on working-class women, their friendships and the lengths they go to to keep the show on the road!

“And with Lucy being Hull through and through, we hope Hullraisers will be a fitting tribute to the city, its people, and their incredible sense of humour. We feel especially lucky to be working with Leah, Sinead and Taj – three comedic powerhouses! – and to have the brilliant Ian Fitzgibbon bringing these scripts to life.”

Jack Bayles, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 said: “This is a show with huge heart and a joke rate to match the feels. Led by a trio of wonderfully drawn female characters, we really hope viewers will fall in love with them as much as we have across scripting. We’re thrilled to be working with Lucy, Anne-Marie and the super-talented gang at Fable – and can’t wait to dive into the shoot”.

Being from East Yorkshire ourselves, we are excited to see what this new series based in Hull has to offer. The series is set to start filming in Hull and Leeds this summer.

Watch the trailer for ‘Hullraisers’ here:

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