The Lavish Yorkshire Restaurant That Pays Homage To Terry’s Chocolate Orange

The Lavish Yorkshire Restaurant That Pays Homage To Terry’s Chocolate Orange

If you’re familiar at all with York, which, we imagine after reading The Yorkshireman for years already, you likely will be – you’ll know that the quaint city is steeped in history. Particularly when it comes to its architecture.

Home to some of the most famous buildings in the country – York Minster, St. Mary’s Abbey, the Treasurer’s House – it’s rich heritage spans centuries. But we’re here to talk about one particular building that rose to prominence in the early 1800s; 3 St. Helen’s Square.

Credit: Impossible York

Taking up residence in said building just one year ago, Impossible York had big, opulent boots to fill when moving into the famous building – not only taking on its bold Victorian features (and having to do them justice), but also taking on Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s incredible history, too.

Serving as both Terry’s chocolate shop and factory back in the early 1800s, 3 St. Helen’s Square retains much of its rich, chocolate-laden history today, and thankfully for us Yorkshire folk, Impossible offers a menu that does it the perfect justice.

Credit: Impossible York

Boasting elegant, yet crowd-pleasing British dishes (think buttery steaks, posh fish and chips and juicy burgers), guests can take in the opulent surroundings when dining in the restaurant – which formerly made up part of the old Terry’s factory – before heading to the front-of-venue tearoom that served as Terry’s first ever chocolate shop.

And, of course, when in Rome – you’re gonna want a taste, right? Something that Impossible kept in mind when developing their decadently sweet menu of both cocktails and desserts.

Stealing the show on the cocktail menu, guests can indulge in a Terry’s chocolate orange in a glass, in the form of the bar’s fantastic Terry’s Orange Martini made with York chocolate and orange gin, Mozart dark chocolate liqueur, and most importantly, Terry’s chocolate orange.

It’s a drink that I’d usually suggest saving for afters due to its sweet nature, however, when something is this delicious (particularly when you’re a die-hard chocolate lover), it’s most definitely the cocktail to start with when visiting Impossible York.

Credit: Impossible York

The chocolate orange theme doesn’t end there, either, with a stunning fondue gracing the dessert menu, where guests can enjoy a platter filled with waffles, marshmallows, strawberries and honeycomb, dipped into a hot fondue pot filled with chocolate orange.

Perfect for sharing with friends with a few drinks after dinner, the dessert captures the essence of the venue in a ‘signature’ way, combining the building’s heritage with Impossible’s vibrant, social ethos. A must in our eyes, whether you’re celebrating or not.

Elsewhere in the venue, guests can escape to Impossible’s impressive ‘Wonderbar’, which regularly hosts jazz bands, burlesque shows and drag brunches, with plenty of space for Yorkshire folk to retreat there for cocktails, vintage spirits, small plates and sharers and á la carte dishes.

Impossible York is open daily from 11am, and you can book a table here.

[Featured image: Impossible York]

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