ITV Viewers In Left Tears After Touching Rob & Lindsey Scenes In MND Documentary

ITV Viewers In Left Tears After Touching Rob & Lindsey Scenes In MND Documentary

Last night’s ITV documentary about ex-Leeds Rhino rugby league icon Rob Burrows and his battle with motor neurone disease (MND) aired. The emotional doc left viewers in tears as Burrows paid tribute to his wife Lindsey.

The documentary followed the Rob’s wife – and now full-time carer, Lindsey, mum-of-three, as she fits in looking after children and marathon training whilst exploring the impact of the debilitating and terminal disease, MND.

Credit: ITV

She explained in the documentary how: “You just want to do what you can, while you can, for as long as you can. He’s my husband, I want to care for him,” leaving many viewers teary aimed and emotional at her commitment to her husband.

Lindsay continued: “You say those vows, in sickness and in health, that’s what you want to do. He’ll often say: ‘Thank you for looking after me, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you doing these things.’ I know how grateful he is.

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“It’s not easy being a carer. But when I look at what Rob has had taken from him I’ve nothing to moan about.” Rob said: “I’m so proud of my Lindsey for stepping out of her comfort zone. She hates the limelight and to go on Lorraine and smash it?

Twitter users were quick to show their support with one write: “Lindsey and rob living mnd so sad see rob burrows like this but what a woman she is his family children and of course Kevin sinfield absolute gems all of them”

Another wrote: “Watching the #robburrows documentary about how he lives with MND #motorneuronedisease is absolutely heartbreaking. What an incredible woman his wife Lindsey is. 3 kids, holds down a job and takes good care of her love. So moving and humbling. Life can change in a second.”

I’m not crying, you are. What an inspirational couple – and family for that matter. The children were also amazing in the programme as well

Four years after his diagnosis in 2019, Lindsey took on the task of caring for her husband full tie refusing carers and equipment.

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Feature Image Credit: ITV

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