Jeremy Clarkson Tweets UK Needs Farmers More Than Doctors

Jeremy Clarkson Tweets UK Needs Farmers More Than Doctors

We can’t get enough of Amazon Prime Video’s top show Clarkson’s Farm. Jeremy Clarkson has taken on the role of farmer wholeheartedly. So much so that he shared a tweet about their importance in society.

The 63-year-old shared a tweet Tuesday night about how farmers are more vital to society than doctors and firefighters amid the current pressures they are under again, The Mirror reports.

Clarkson has raised many issues prevailent in farming through his show filmed on Diddly Squat Farm in the Cotswolds. He highlights the red tape farmers have to go through and was even honoured, along with Kaleb Cooper for raising the profile of British agriculture at the British Farming Awards. 

Credit: Prime Video

The programme is loved by the nation quickly becoming the top show on Amazon Prime Video. It follows Clarkson and the rest of the gang through a year farming as he tries to make his farm profitable.

Jeremy took to social media to share some wise words from Kaleb. He posted: “You need a doctor once a year maybe and a fireman once in a lifetime if you’re unlucky,” he said. “But you need a farmer three times a day. Wise words from Kaleb Cooper.”

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Kaleb and Clarkson will be back again next year as the show was renewed for a third series in which we can catch more wise words from Kaleb.

Fans were treated to a first for Kaleb this week. In between firing out memorable quotes Kaleb had a go on his first revolving door – and it was brilliant.

Posting the video to Instagram, Jeremy Clarkson wrote: “Kaleb is in London again”. In the video, Clarkson looks on in amazement as Kaleb twirls in circles saying: “he’s never seen a revolving door before”.

Fans of the show were quick to comment with one person writing: “God bless Kaleb, one of the purest persons there is”.

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