Jeremy Clarkson Announces Series Three Of ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ In Three Words

Jeremy Clarkson Announces Series Three Of ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ In Three Words

We’ve been loving the second series of Clarkson’s Farm, and judging by the social media so are other fans. He’s back highlighting the real issues that a lot of farmers are facing in classic Clarkson fashion.

One of the issues highlighted in this season is tuberculosis otherwise known as TB and its spread. The focus on Clarkson’s Farm was badgers and the cost to the taxpayer which surprised a lot of viewers.

As with any series on streaming platforms, a lot of fans have already binged the second series leading them to ask questions about the third season of Clarkson’s Farm.

When asked on Twitter by a fan who wrote: “I loved it watched it on Saturday that just passed, loved the show can’t wait for a season 3 if there is one.”

To which Clarkson confirmed: “”There is one.”

Prime Video had already confirmed that there will be a third season of Clarkson’s Farm, but to hear it from the horse’s mouth gave many fans a sense of adulation with many sharing their excitement in the comments below.

One person wrote: “Glad to here it! If Amazon tries to cancel you, I’m canceling Amazon. What you are doing is one of the most entertaining shows out there.”

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A second agreed, saying: “Have been genuinely entertained again Jeremy. And also upset at the sheer amount of hurdles thrown at you, as you simply try to diversify and grow your business.”

And a third wrote: “Awesome, great show. I love the serious messages and awareness the show tries to highlight through the humour. We’ve had farm shops, Roll on farm cooperatives and farm restaurants.”

Clarkson's Farm Series Three Confirmed
Credit: Prime Video

You can tell Clarkson is truly passionate about the farming lifestyle and is using his platform to highlight series issues, which is shown in the series when he and Kaleb are given an award to their services to the farming industry.

We are still making our way through season two, wanting to savour and enjoy it rather than blast through it. One of the things we enjoyed about the new Happy Valley series was the old-fashioned waiting a week for the next episode which has changed our viewing patterns.

If you’re wanting to binge the show though, you can watch all of Clarkson’s Farm series two on Prime Video here.

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