The John Lewis 2020 Christmas Advert Is Here And They Want Us To ‘Give A Little Love’

The John Lewis advert has come synonymous with Christmas ever since their first stab at it in 2007. Known for causing the entire nation to well up on an annual basis (and also ruining that poor guy on Twitter’s life on an annual basis), if there’s one thing we can guarantee, it’s that we’ll be faced with ’emotional porn’ every single time.

And 2020’s advert is no different. Encouraging viewers to ‘give a little love’ this Christmas, the advert acknowledges the crazy year we’ve had as a result of the pandemic – and it’s left us feeling a little bit fuzzy inside.

Check it out below:

Following a number of random acts of kindness, the advert touches on what Christmas is really about – as well as acknowledging the community spirit that has grown since the beginning lockdown.

And while it’s not exactly a tearjerker, its message is incredibly important – particularly given that we’re back to where we began, leaving many people feeling lonely and isolated.

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Author: The Yorkshireman

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