Aldi Has Launched A New Kevin The Carrot Toy Range – And They’re Amazing

Aldi released their Christmas advert which has signalled the time of year where we all scramble to buy Kevin before he sells out. For those who worry about getting Kevin, don’t worry as there are plenty of other soft characters from the advert on offer as well. The carrot-shaped toy and his festive friends will be available online soon.

Credit: Aldi

Characters such as Wingman Turkey, Harry the Hedgehog, Grate Grandma, Grate Grandpa and a special edition Pilot Kev toy, will all be available to buy. So you kids can recreate the feel-good advert at home. The toys are a bargain at £3.99 each or £19.95 in a bundle.

As the demand is high every year for these sought after toys, Aldi has created a “Glastonbury-style” queuing system to help cope. They will go on sale on Sunday 15th November, so make sure you’re ready and waiting.

Credit: Aldi

 Kevin the Carrot is the most sought after, and he will be on offer, as will Katie the Carrot at £3.99 each. There is also a giant Kevin for £19.99 for the longtime fans. You can also order the toys on Deliveroo if you are desperate for it.

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