Leeds Has Been Named One Of The Top 10 UK Places To Visit In 2020

Leeds Has Been Named One Of The Top 10 UK Places To Visit In 2020
Who wouldn't want to visit God's Own Country?

It’s official, Leeds has officially been named one of the top 10 places to visit in the UK in 2020. Pack yer suitcases, Yorkshiremen… We’re off on holiday in God’s Own Country!

Ranking the top 25 destinations, Big 7 Travel asked their 1.5m follower base where they were looking forward to visiting during 2020, combined with their very own top picks from the team… And out of all of the beautiful, historic places the UK has to offer, us Brits just can’t seem to get enough of sunny Yorkshire.

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Coming in at number 8, Leeds was among some top contenders and even beat the likes of The Cotswolds, the Scottish Highlands and the Lake District. What can we say, Leeds has got it all.

Unfortunately our pals in York only came in the top 20, taking the 19th ranking – but it’s alright, cos we did beat the Scousers at least.

Top 10 list of Big 7’s top UK destinations to visit in 2020:

10. Glasgow
9. Brighton
8. Leeds
7. Northern Ireland
6. Bath
5. Bristol
4. London
3. Cornwall
2. Cambridge
1. Manchester

Check out the full list over on Big 7 Travel here.

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