This Idyllic Village In The Peak District Has Underground Boat Rides In A 230-year-Old Cave

This Idyllic Village In The Peak District Has Underground Boat Rides In A 230-year-Old Cave

This quaint village Castleton in the Peak District is just a stone’s throw from most places in Yorkshire and is home to a 230-year-old lead mine with an underground river that you can take a trip through known as Speedwell Cavern.

The village of Castleton is home to some beautiful places to visit with plenty of food and drink options to explore once you’ve visited the unique underground cave. In the summer, you can enjoy another cave experience at the underground cinema with street food offerings in Peaks Cavern.

How Many Steps Does The Speedwell Cavern Have?

Credit: Speedwell Cavern

In this 230-year-old lead mine at the foot of Winnats Path, you can enjoy daily tours where you’ll learn about its history. You’ll be guided deep into the cave down a steep 106 steps where you will be led into a boat.

The boat trip will then take you through the old lead mine where you’ll be guided through the history of the mines and given details on the formation of the cave with the tour taking between 30 mins to an hour.

Credit: Carl L TripAdvisor

The tour is not for the claustrophobic as you’ll be underground and make sure you wrap up warm as it can get chilly in the Caves. Afterwards, you can visit the shop which sells interesting fossils and old pictures of the cave.

The shop also sells the famous Blue John jewellery that’s famous for being found in Blue John Cave nearby. It’s a semi-precious mineral, a rare form of fluorite with bands of a purple-blue or yellowish colour.

How Deep Is The Bottomless Pit In Speedwell Cavern?

In the cave is the Bottomless Pit, which isn’t bottomless, but has a huge drop of 490 feet straight down.

When Is Speedwell Cavern Open?

The attraction is open daily throughout the year (excluding Christmas Day) between 10am and 4pm and parking are available nearby.

To find out more you can visit the website here.

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