Gordon Ramsay Reacts To American Mum’s Awful Fish & Chips – And It’s Hilarious

Gordon Ramsay has been judging people’s cooking on TikTok, and the Kitchen Nightmare legend doesn’t hold anything back. He’s created TikToks looking at, burgers, steak, lamb and a whole host of other hilarious things. One that caught our eye was his horror at an American mum, Michelle and her tutorial on traditional fish & chips at home. She shared the method of making British classic to her huge TikTok following, she currently has a huge 216,000. One thing that Yorkshire folk love is fish & chips, so prepared to be horrified by this how-to-guide.

Credit: Gordonramsayofficial TikTok

It’s an understatement to say that Ramsay was a little more than unimpressed by what can only be called an awful attempt to make traditional fish & chips. Gordon Ramsay says in his clip, ‘You’ve lost the plot. You’ve never been to Britain.’

The video starts with Michelle at her ‘local watering hole’, and sets the tone for the rest of the confusing tutorial. Michelle is an American mum-of-three, and her cookery demonstration videos are entertaining to watch! Michelle starts her tutorial by picking up a whole fish, and proceeds to say how you should always clean your fish, but didn’t descale or cut up the fish. Bemused Gordon says, ‘Clean it? You’ve left the head on’.

Credit: Gordonramsayofficial TikTok

Michelle then makes that batter by combining flour, egg, sugar, salt, pepper and root beer. As she adds the sugar, Ramsay throws his head back and exclaims ‘nooooo,’ seeming to be not too happy with her decision.

Credit: Gordonramsayofficial TikTok

Showing a close up of the batter, she said: ‘Your batter should be thick.’ Too which Ramsay hilariously comments ‘diaper thick’. After sticking the fish in the microwave to cook and cutting her chips, Ramsay, who seems to be despondent says ‘you’ve lost the plot.’

Credit: Gordonramsayofficial TikTok

We are impressed to see that Gordon managed to keep his cool whilst judging the clip. The top chef started these challenges with his own hashtag #RamsayReacts.

Ramsay’s fish & chips recently went viral, after takeaway fish & chips were priced at £18.99, to which we Yorkshireman cry “Howww muucchhh!”

The video is great fun, and is an interesting take on our classic cuisine. Check out Michelle’s channel and watch the hilarious video here:

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