The Yorkshire Coast Ice Cream Shop Famous For Its Lemon Top Ice Cream

The Yorkshire Coast Ice Cream Shop Famous For Its Lemon Top Ice Cream

Ice cream and the seaside go hand in hand. There is nothing better than a creamy cold ice cream cone to cool you down on a hot summer’s day. And, with summer in full swing, this Lemon top ice cream in Redcar is the ultimate treat.

And, if you’re going to try a lemon top, then you want to try the best. Paccitto in Redcar is the original creator of the lemon top and its legacy goes back over 100 years.

What is a lemon top ice cream?

If you’ve never been to the North East coast then chances are that you’ve not come across the lemon topped ice cream before. The sour sorbet is a refreshing treat on a warm summer’s day.

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A lemon top ice cream consists of a whipped dairy ice cream in a cone or tub topped with a tangy blob of lemon sorbet and Paccitto’s lemon tops are the originals.

The Redcar ice cream parlour sits on the seafront where they sell their popular lemon sorbet-topped ice creams.

Where do lemon top ice creams come from?

The Paccitto family moved to Stockport with a chain of shops before moving to Redcar where Giocoso Paccitto started his shops located in Redcar in 1924. The ‘Nova Bar’ on The Esplanade, Redcar was the original home of the lemon top ice cream and was very popular in its day.

The present-day shop can be found on the High Street called Paccitto in Redcar and is run by Mike & George Paccitto. The family have also extended their shops into the oldest seaside town of Scarborough, which seems fitting for the classic seaside treat.

The Scarborough venue can be found on South Bay and serves up the same tasty treats as its Redcar counterparts.

Both venues also serve up a strawberry sorbet top for those wanting something a little sweeter-tasting treat!

Find out more here. Address: Paccitto, 29 High St, Redcar TS10 3BZ

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