7 Of The Best Pies In Yorkshire That You Need To Try

7 Of The Best Pies In Yorkshire That You Need To Try

Yorkshire is the capital of homely food – if it’s beige – we are the best at producing it. Yorkshire puds, roast potatoes and of course good ol’ pies. We have some of the best pies in the UK, and we’ve hunted down the best pies in Yorkshire for you, so you can work your way through the ultimate tick list.

Everyone has their favourite and every town has their shop that does the best pastries – so feel free to have us told which you think is the best. After all, it’s not like a Yorkshireman ever kept his opinion to himself. Enjoy our list and we hope it inspires you to get trying the golden crust goodness of a nice pie.

1. The Pie Bakery, Hull

Credit: The Pie Bakery

Known as ‘The Pie of the Tiger’ since their pies have been sold at KCOM stadium, this bakery produces some of the areas favourite pies. They produce gluten-free, vegan and veggie pies that are well-loved.

Their pies are full of tasty tender filling with just the right amount of gravy (and we know how important that is to Yorkshire folk). They do a lovely cheese cauliflower and broccoli pie, the classic steak & ale pie, as well as a range of other pies and sausage rolls.

2. The Piebald Inn, Hunmanby

Credit: Piebald Inn

This is one of our faves! We’ve visited a few times and the pies have always been high-quality. The world-famous pies makers boast a range of 50 homemade pies – from the much-loved classics to some tasty recipes that you won’t find anywhere else.

The portions are spot on and the gravy – oh, the gravy- is spot on. Named after horses – you’ll be heading back a second time after you’ve visited this homely venue.

3. The Butcher and the Baker Ltd, Castleford

Credit: Butcher & The Baker Ltd

A gold award-winning shop, this spot makes some of the best homemade pies that are on offer in the UK never mind Yorkshire. All their pies are made with Yorkshire produce – which is a great way to promote local business.

We’d recommend The Butcher and the Baker to anyone – definitely go out of your way for this one.

4. Humble Pie N Mash, Whitby

Credit: Humble Pie N Mash

If you’re looking for a home-cooked pie made with quality ingredients then this is the place for you. The place makes you feel right at home with its original iron fireplace and old wartime memorabilia that adorns the place.

Humble Pie N Mash pride itself on filling its pies full of delicious filling with no “padding”. It’s a beautiful homely place to enjoy some pie by the fire and wash it down with a mug of tea.

5. Yorkshire Pie Bakery, Leeds

Credit: Yorkshire Pie Bakery

Another gold award winner at this year’s Pie Awards for their steak and onion pie. Their pies are all lovingly made in Yorkshire and promise quality in every bite.

If you venture to Leeds – make sure you try some of their award-winning Yorkshire pies which are some of the best pies in Yorkshire.

6. Stanforths Butchers, Skipton

Credit: Stanforths Butchers

Baked traditionally in a crusty pastry and packed with pork, the pies can be enjoyed in a variety of sizes – with even their smallest pork pie providing an ever-satisfying portion for just £1.50.

Naturally, at our house, we like to get stuck into one of the larger varieties, with the biggest costing just £7.75.

In addition to the famous traditional pork pie, visitors can also branch out with three other variations, including the apple and pork pie, the pork and black pudding pie and even a fiery chilli pork pie which is aptly decorated with a skull on top. You know, just so you don’t get ‘em mixed up.

7. The Black Swan, York

Dating all the way back to the 15th century, The Black Swan Inn knows how to make a good, homemade pie, with Yorkshire folk aplenty raving about their delicious creations.

Serving an array of different fillings to choose from, guests can enjoy proper traditional options, including lam and mushy peas, steak and ale, steak and stilton, leek and potato, pigeon breast and smoked haddock.

Served with veggies, chips, mash and gravy, guests are bound to leave full after a pie at The Black Swan. Pair it with a proper ale and you’re onto a winner. The Black Swan Inn, 23 Peasholme Grn, York, YO1 7PR.

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