Lindt Launches Its First Sharing Tin Of Lindor Chocolate Truffles For Christmas

You can tell that Christmas is around the corner with glorious tubs of choccies now on offer in most big supermarkets. And after this lockdown bingeing, I’ve had to tell the Mrs to cover her eyes and keep walking past ’em every time we pop t’ shop. But I might have to eat my own words with this new Lindt truffles chocolate sharing tub – as the Swiss chocolatiers have joined the party for the first time ever.

Credit: Newfoodsuk

Lindt truffles are a personal favourite of ours, and they definitely do not last long at the Yorkshireman’s household. There definitely isn’t an old, sticky collection of choccies leftover like the poor Bountys and toffee coins of the world.

But anyone, onto what you really came for. The new tubs consist of 32 wrapped truffles, with six different flavours to choose from (including your faves!). The lovely flavours that are included are milk, white and extra dark, as well as milk and white, hazelnut and delicious salted caramel.

Credit: Lindt

The 400g tubs will be available on Lindt’s website for £15, or a little cheaper in Tesco and Sainsbury’s for just £10 a box – excuse us while we dash down and by up the shop. There is currently no confirmed release date, however, expect them popping up in a supermarket near you any day now.

Featured Image Credit: NewFoodUK

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