23 Lost Yorkshire Words & Phrases That Seem To Have Been Forgotten

23 Lost Yorkshire Words & Phrases That Seem To Have Been Forgotten

The Yorkshire accent is a thing of beauty, but as the years go on words and phrases fall out of favour. So, we asked you, our beautiful audience to come up with words and phrases that you don’t hear anymore. The problem with regional words is they tend not to be written down, so if they’re not been used, then they soon disappear. We’ve been looking at lost Yorkshire words and phrases, discovering some roots.

As ever, you guys came up with some brilliant ones, and some silly ones (number one be the obvious one for that. Check out the list below: If you can understand them make sure you let us know in the comments.

1. “Nice three points for Leeds today”

Starting with a bad joke made by one of our followers, who assures us that he is in fact a Leeds United fan. If you can’t laugh at yourself and all that.

2. “Well, go ti foot of arr stairs.”

I’ve had this shouted at me a few times during me childhood! Who else has ever had this one before?

3. “Twice wi bits on.”

If you’ve not said this down the chippy in a while, why not give it a go this weekend, be a shame to let a classic go to waste.

4. “‘get thissen off”

When yer mam isn’t happy with your behaviour, usually followed by “or you’ll ger a clip round the ear ‘ole”.

5. “Tha’ll get colliewobbles sat on that cold step!”

Colliewobbles is a new one for us!

6 “A posh funeral was -they buried him with ham”

This is hilarious and the perfect remark to make at your next funeral. If anyone knows the reason behind it let us know.

7. “By ‘eck!”

Oldie but a goldie.

8. “It wint orlas be dark at 7 o’ clock”

A positive look on life, similar to the glass half full, but Yorkshire style.

9. “From hell, Hull and Halifax may the lord deliver us”

All beautiful places to live in our eyes.

10. “She looks like Sally Rattles.”

Does anyone know who Sally Rattles is?

11. “Sluppered, throng on, spogs, gems(said with a ‘g’ not a ‘j’) doylem”

Just a jumble of classic lost phrases here.

12. “Bye the bloody Harry”

Again, does anyone knows who Harry is?

13. “yuv got more clothes than soft Mic”

WHo the hell is soft Mic?

14. “There’s naught so queer as folk”

A classic that you don’t hear any more!

15. “It’s dark o’r Bill’s mother’s”

Ba, looks like rain.

16. “You’ll get a good clip round ear hole”

Classic old-fashioned mother’s phrase.

17. “Chelp”

18. “Dog’s Shelf”

When you leave something in the floor, we are definitely using this one.

19. “Laikin'”

Playing out.

20. “Nesh”

21. “Oissin'”

22. “Slart”

23. “Up the dancers

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