Explore This Eerie 18-Metre Deep Gorge In The Peak District

Explore This Eerie 18-Metre Deep Gorge In The Peak District

Fancy heading out on an adventure like something out of the Upside down on Stranger Things or a scene from deep in a jungle in Indiana Jones, then the rocky depths of Lud’s Church may be just what you’re looking for.

Lud’s Church walk can be found in the Peak District National Park and is well worth a visit for those looking for a walk with the family or just a little day trip.

If you’re looking to head out on an adventure deep into the Peaks then read on…

Lud's Church Walk
Credit: Photo © Brian Deegan (cc-by-sa/2.0)

Lud’s Church, named after Walter de Ludank, was created by a giant landslide in the Dane Valley along a fault line in the stone, which created this deep moss-covered chasm that is a few metres wide. 18 metres deep and 100 metres long.

The area is a stark change from the rolling hills that surround it, which is why many myths and stories surround it.

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Somehow trees have managed to clamber onto the narrow cliff face and grow up towards the light making for interesting texture with the mossy sides and the tall steep sides.

It’s said to be a sacred place for early Pagans, and also some believe it is the Green Chapel from the story of the Arthurian legends Sir Gawain & The Green Knight – if you’re going with kids feel free to use your own imaginations.

Along with the use as s secret worship place in the fifteenth century, it is also believed that the infamous Robin Hood used it as a hiding place from authorities.

If you’d like to get to Lud’s Church, it’s around a 30-minute walk from Gradbach which is around 1.3 miles from The Roaches Gradbach car park. Making the loop just under 3 miles both ways with the option for a walk to the River Dane.

The walk to Lud’s Church takes you through the scenic Black Forest, which sets the scene before you come across the amazing chasm.

The walk is a great trip to do with a dog or with children, it’s a great place for kids to use their imagination with it looking like it was lifted straight from a storybook.

Once you’ve had your fun in the emerald green gorge you can head to the nearest pubs in either Gradbach or Allgreave for a well-deserved pint.

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Feature Image Credit: Beth -Flickr/ mole-volio – Flickr

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