Man Falls At Hull Pot While Trying To Take A Photo Of The Yorkshire Dales Beauty Spot

Man Falls At Hull Pot While Trying To Take A Photo Of The Yorkshire Dales Beauty Spot

A 26-year-old man has fallen into Hull Pot after attempting to take a photo of the 90m-long, open pot, the Cave Rescue Organisation has confirmed.

Taking place yesterday, Sunday April 16th, the rambler fell some 60 feet at the popular Yorkshire Dales beauty spot, before landing inside the pot on the ‘rock-strewn’ floor. Luckily for the rambler, the pot was relatively dry thanks to the fair weather recently, meaning there was no water collected inside the pot.

Credit: Cave Rescue Organisation

When rescue teams arrived, it’s said that the casualty regained consciousness and was “quite chatty”, while teams scaled down the pot’s edge to his rescue.

The rambler was then placed on a stretcher before being hauled back to the surface and travelling by helicopter to the hospital.

The frightening fall happened when the rambler accidentally a little too close to the edge in a bid to take a photo, resulting in falling over the edge – which, as you can tell from the above imagery, has deceivingly steep slopes.

CRO said: “Team members rigged and descended the gulley at the Eastern end to reach the casualty. They were soon followed by a YAS paramedic, using CRO safety equipment. While the casualty, who had regained consciousness and was described as ‘quite chatty’, was being assessed, other team members rigged a two-line hauling system, with pulleys for ‘mechanical advantage’, at the waterfall (Northern) side of the hole.

“Once ‘packaged’ and on the stretcher, the casualty was carried across the pot, then he and a ‘barrow-boy’ were hauled to the surface, with the stretcher kept horizontal. He was handed over to the NWAS paramedics who, with the CRO doctor, assessed him thoroughly again before he was loaded into the helicopter for the flight to hospital.”

Hull Pot is a stunning collapsed cavern found in Horton in Ribblesdale, measuring 91 metres long and 60 metres deep. The cavern often boasts a beautiful waterfall tippling over the edges, usually after times of heavy rain. The pot has even been known to get completely full after particularly wet weather, making it a dangerous place to fall.

[Featured image: Cave Rescue Organisation]

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