Morrisons Is Selling A £10 Plant That Stops You Snoring – And It’s Backed By NASA

Does your partner sound like a chainsaw chopping down a redwood in the night? If so, you might want to keep reading. Morrisons are selling what might be to some people the saviour of lockdown, in the form of a plant. The plant in question is said to be able to stop snoring – and it’s even got backing from NASA.

Credit: Pexels

A massive 41.5% of the UK snore, according to the British Snoring & Sleep Apnea Association. This means that 58.5% of the nation are laying awake, pushing partners out of bed, and generally having a terrible time whilst their partner snores – which is just gloating about how much sleep they’re getting.

You may have tried strips, pillows and decongestions, but nothing seems to work. Well, this pineapple plant for Morrisons, which is available for £10 is said to be able to do the trick. It promises to reduce snoring due to night-time oxygen production. According to NASA, pineapple plants improve air quality in the night that leads to quieter sleep.

Credit: Morrisons

Grown in Holland for 21 to 24 months, these mini pineapple trees could aid you in better sleep this 2021 – there is only one way to find out… Head down to your local store and let us know if your snoring improves! 

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