6 Of The Best Coastal Walks In Yorkshire To Try This Summer

6 Of The Best Coastal Walks In Yorkshire To Try This Summer

The Yorkshire coastline is one of the most precious and unique parts of Yorkshire. People flock to it all year round to take in its beauty, and us Yorkshire folk don’t know how lucky we are to have some of this gorgeous scenery right on our doorsteps. Walking along the cliffs with the sea breeze in your face is a great way to take stock on life, and just enjoy what is in front of you. The varying landscape has some great pebble beaches, gorgeous golden sands and some spectacular cliff views. And to help you take advantage, we’ve rounded up the best coastal walks to try in Yorkshire this season.

1. Runswick Bay

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Runswick Bay is a truly idyllic and picturesque spot, with cliffs that reach out into the sea. There’s actually a myth that their crocodile-like head opens its mouth late at night and gobbles up lost sailors (so be careful not to linger when the sun goes down!). 

This is a nice gentle walk along the cliff tops, not actually passing through Runswick, following the cliff tops along Runswick Bay on the Cleveland Way National Trail towards Staithes. You can make this walk longer or shorter, depending on your ability.

2. Robin Hood’s Bay

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Robin Hood’s Bay is a fantastic place to explore all on its own. You can have a look around its beautiful streets before you even begin to set out on your walk along the coast. But if it’s the glorious views you’re visiting for, you can either start at Ravenscar or Robin Hoods Bay for an 11-mile walk. 

We tend to start at the Ravenscar National Trust Coastal Centre on the rugged cliffs of Ravenscar, and then head across Howdale Moor where there is some beautiful moorland. Then, drop down to the old Scarborough-to-Whitby railway line and finish at the renowned smugglers’ haunt of Robin Hood’s Bay. And keep your camera handy, too, because the sights are simply stunning.

3. Fraisthorpe

Fraisthorpe Beach/Wikimedia Commons/Renn69/licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

This beautiful walk stretches out for miles. You can either walk along north towards Bridlington, which is around three miles (a great walk for all abilities), or head south to Hornsea, which is a longer venture out at 10 miles. 

Walk along the beaches and enjoy the soft sands or, if the tide is in take a walk along the cliffs where you can take in breathtaking views of the vast sea, being careful to stick to paths when you do.

4. Flamborough Head

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The chalk cliffs of Flamborough are our favourite, and being East Yorkshire folk, we may be a little bias. Start your walk on the peaceful cove beach at Flamborough and walk towards North landing. You can follow the cliff edge, too, making it a pretty straightforward walk. 

If the weather is nice it’s the perfect place for a picnic and a little paddle in the relaxing sea. And for keen photographers, this is a perfect spot to catch some great sunset snaps thanks to the famous Drinking Dinosaur.

5. Bridlington South Beach

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South Beach feels like it goes on forever! It’s beautifully flat and, you get a great view of the Bridlington coastline when walking around this side. After you’ve enjoyed a walk along the beach, or cliffs if you decide, Bridlington has some great fish and chip restaurants for you to fill up on, with some fun attractions if you’re feeling a little nostalgic.

6. Scarborough To Filey

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The last leg of the iconic Cleveland Way National Trail, the clifftop walk offers beautiful seaviews along the Yorkshire Coast. Offering hidden coves, sandy beaches, and iconic surfer’s beach, Cayton Bay. When you reach Filey, you can enjoy some amazing fish & chips from one of the top 10 chippies in the area. You can then catch a bus back to Scarborough.

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