Iceland Has Launched Nik Naks Rib N’ Saucy Range Of Shredded Chicken

Iceland Has Launched Nik Naks Rib N’ Saucy Range Of Shredded Chicken

Nik Naks Rib N’ Saucy are the greatest crisps on the planet, and now they’ve created a new shredded chicken version that is set to sell in Iceland frozen food supermarkets.

Forget Prime Energy drinks, these should be the most sought-after item of 2023 in our eyes.

That’s right! Our favourite crisps are now going to be in shredded chicken flavour. The Instagram page NewFoodsUK has posted about the new product saying: ” NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Brand new Nik Naks Shredded Chicken coming to @icelandfoods soon! Flavours will be Rib N Saucy & Nice N Spicy! Hats off to Iceland – what an amazing product!”

Iceland NIk Nak Shredded Chicken

The post has quickly gained reactions with over 2,700k likes, and 360 comments. And we aren’t surprised by has tasty they sound.

‘Well take the lot’ was our first thought and as we are meant to be in the most depressing month of the year – it cheered us right up.

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One person agreed with us saying: “Blue Monday my ass”.

Another wrote: “m Gona need these immediately”.

We aren’t sure when these will be hitting the stores, but what we do know is they’ll surely be a tasty treat.

‘What about Nice n’ Spicy flavour?’ We hear you say. Well, rest assured that they’re also releasing shredded chicken in that flavour as well.

Credit: Photo © N Chadwick (cc-by-sa/2.0)

So that’s two things to be excited about this year. Check out any other offers via the Iceland website here.

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