M&S Has Released A Steak & Cheesy Chips Pie – And It Sounds Amazing

M&S Has Released A Steak & Cheesy Chips Pie – And It Sounds Amazing

Us Yorkshire folk love our beige food. Stick something in some pastry and we’ll happily tuck into it no questions asked. And this steak and ale pie from M&S released as part of its new gastropub range has got us very excited.

And, we aren’t the only ones! After posting their new all-butter pastry pie with succulent gravy-soaked braised beef, slow-cooked for two hours, then topped with tomato chutney and loaded with proper chunky cheesy chips instead of a pastry top – people went nuts.

Credit: M&S

Announcing their new pie fittingly during pie week M&S wrote on their Instagram: “What’s better than steak and chips? Steak and chips in buttery, flaky pie form, of course! Featuring a steak and tomato chutney filling and gloriously cheesy chips, it’s comfort food at its finest – and the perfect way to celebrate”

People were quick to show their love for the new addition with one person getting very excited with their new offering writing: “I need this is my tummy!!”

Whilst another wrote: “Womens day and pie week. What a time to be alive!”

You can enjoy this beautiful dish for just £5, the pie is on sale in Marks and Spencers stores across Yorkshire now.

Credit: M&S

The rich ale gravy pie serves one – so if you’re feeding a family or just hungry you’ll need to stock up so that no one misses out.

That’s not the only thing that M&S has added to their new menu. The gastropub range includes a chestnut and shitake mushroom open pie with miso butter and garlic crumb, mac and cheese balls, and cheese rarebit and ham crumpets.

Pie, glorious pie. If you fancy a tasty pie whilst you are out and about in Yorkshire don’t forget to check out our list of the best pies in Yorkshire below.

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