Channel 4 Is Looking For People From Yorkshire To Go On ‘Naked Attraction’

Know someone who absolutely loves getting their kit off, or are quite the naturist yourself? Well, you’re in luck – because Channel 4 is looking for new contestants to take part in their most rudey-tudey TV show to date, Naked Attraction.

The wildly alternative dating show’s whole premise is around love at first sight, with the alternative twist being the sight is… Well… Genitalia. Participants are to strip off right down, skivvies and all, and stand in a coloured box that covers your identity – while another singleton has a peek at what you have to offer. Pretty daunting I’m not gonna lie, maybe don’t apply unless your proud of your bits and bobs!

Naked Attraction runs in rounds, with the first round showing the crotch, then the chest, before revealing the persons identity. Each round sees one participant knocked out based on the other singleton’s preferences – and it can get pretty savage!

If you’re looking for love, the show wants to hear from you – and to apply all you have to do is head to their site and fill out the application form – then of course eagerly wait for your crotches TV debut.

Let’s never forget the iconic Christian participant Judith, who truly shocked audiences with her appearance. Remind yourself of this timeless piece of television history below…

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