You May Be Able To See The Northern Lights From The Yorkshire Dales Tonight

You May Be Able To See The Northern Lights From The Yorkshire Dales Tonight

It seems like the Northern Lights may want to honour the Yorkshire Dales this week with an appearance, just one day after the national park was awarded Dark Skies Reserve status.

Reporting on the potential sighting, which could take place tonight, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reckon the wonderful phenomenon could shine over Northern skies this evening, as a result of increased solar activity following a solar storm which began on Monday.

Predicted to shine above dark skies with no light pollution in Northern England and Scotland between 9-11 December, some Yorkshire folk could be treated to a glorious sight that many have to travel far North for to cold countries such as Iceland and Alaska.

Credit: Unsplash

Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) said a statement: “As CME effects continue, activity is likely to increase, especially if the magnetic field carried with the CME connects well with Earth’s magnetosphere.

“Therefore, the potential for strong storm levels exists and a G3 (Strong) Watch is in effect for December 10th. CME-related disturbances are forecast to continue into 11 December, likely resulting in G2 (Moderate) storm levels – and another Watch has been issued accordingly.

“While SWPC forecasters are fairly confident in CME arrival at Earth, timing and geomagnetic storm intensity are less certain. Continue to monitor our SWPC webpage for the latest conditions and forecast.”

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