Off-Licences Added To The Essential Businesses List During Lockdown

The essential list of businesses allowed to stay open has been updated by the government to allow off-licences during the lockdown. Local corner shops are a pillar of most communities, providing not only alcohol but essential goods to those that can’t make it to the bigger supermarkets.

Last week the government made the decision to close all pubs and bars in a bid to stop the stem of the coronavirus. It has now allowed shops licensed to sell alcohol, which includes those in breweries in its updated list of stores exempt from closure.

Credit: Unsplash

People all over the Yorkshire will be praising the lord that this late addition of alcohol outlets has been added. Especially since the images of empty supermarket shelves have been circulating online.

Now included in the essential businesses that keep the nation running are supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, and petrol stations.

[Featured image: Unsplash]