This Iconic Yorkshire Fish & Chip Shop Has Opened A Drive-Thru In Hull

This Iconic Yorkshire Fish & Chip Shop Has Opened A Drive-Thru In Hull

This is huge, fish & chips is being taken to the next level with the introduction of the fish & chips drive-thru. Why have I know heard of this before? All these fast food places have had them for years and now us Yorkshire folk can go get our favourite fast food without even leaving the comfort of our own cars.

Credit: Papa’s Fish & Chips

Who needs McDonald’s drive-thru, when you can have fish & chips instead. The incredible news comes from Hull, where famous Yorkshire fish & chips franchise has created their first drive-thru fish & chip, and it has opened today in Kingswood.

Taking to social media to announce the news Papas Fish & Chips posted “PAPA’s FIRST (And East Yorkshire’s only) Drive-Thru opens in Kingswood TOMORROW at 11:30!!!”

Also, today is the release of Papas Fish & Chips infamous two-foot battered pigs in blankets which are aptly named Hogs In Duvets. They went down a storm last year and will be available across all their restaurant in Yorkshire from Hull, Cleethorpes, Scarborough and York. Last year they sold it for just £3.99, so we imagine they will be selling them around a similar price range.

With the introduction of their first fish & chips drive-thru, we can’t wait to go pick up a few of these bad boys without even having to leave the car! As the drive-thrus is new Papas are running a reduced menu at first.

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