‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Announce Two Xmas Specials & New Series And People Aren’t Happy

‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Announce Two Xmas Specials & New Series And People Aren’t Happy

When Mrs Brown’s Boys first came about back in 2011, it seemed the BBC had struck gold with their brand new comedy. But as with any successful show, the critics began to creep out of the woodworks by the bucket load – potentially making it the most ‘marmite’ show here in the UK.

Ten years on and it seems the show – created by and starring Brendan O’Carroll – is going nowhere soon, much to the dismay of many, with the BBC announcing not one, not only the mainstay Christmas specials but also a four-part mini-series according to O’Carroll, who plays Maria Brown and is also the daughter of creator and star Brendan, who was speaking to the Radio Times.

The Sun, also reported that she said: “In October we’ll be filming Mrs Brown: two Christmas specials and the first of a miniseries of four episodes, the other three early next year.”

Last year, people took to Twitter to share in their anger over the announcement, viewers threatened to go as far as cancel their TV licenses – a tax which actually funds the content that goes on the BBC.

One person wrote: “If we all pray hard enough there might just be a nuclear war to stop this …”

With another person replying: “If an infinite number of monkeys had an infinite number of typewriters for an infinite amount of time, one of them would complete the entire works of Shakespeare.

“One monkey, with a shit typewriter could knock a Mrs Brown’s Boys Christmas Special out in about 5 minutes.” which some might say is a funnier joke than anything Mrs Brown’s Boys has ever conceived.

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