BBC Viewers Outraged As ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Gets TWO Christmas Specials For 2022

BBC Viewers Outraged As ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ Gets TWO Christmas Specials For 2022

When Mrs Brown’s Boys first came about back in 2011, it seemed the BBC had struck gold with their brand new comedy. But as with any successful show, the critics began to creep out of the woodworks by the bucket load – potentially making it the most ‘marmite’ show here in the UK.

Ten years on and it seems the show – created by and starring Brendan O’Carroll – is going nowhere soon, much to the dismay of many, with the BBC announcing not one, but two Christmas specials for 2022 – alongside a four-part mini-series according to the Radio Times.

The Sun reported earlier this year that Fiona O’Carroll – Brendan’s daughter – said: “In October we’ll be filming Mrs Brown: two Christmas specials and the first of a miniseries of four episodes, the other three early next year.”

Announcing the return of the series just today, BBC told fans that they will be gifted with a Christmas special and a New Year’s special, similar to last year – and as expected, not everyone is happy about it.

Taking to Twitter to express their thoughts, a number of viewers had a few choice words for the BBC comedy, with one user going as far as to say that “A coma would be more entertaining”. Savage.

Last year, people even threatened to go as far as to cancel their TV licenses – a tax that actually funds the content that goes on the BBC.

Others described the show as a ‘disgraceful waste of the license fee’, while also saying it’s as ‘funny as chicken pox’.

The show is joined by a number of other Christmas specials this year that had Twitter complaining, including the annual Strictly Come Dancing specia and a Cliff Richard special.

So, what are the actual highlights?

The BBC has confirmed an animated adaptation of the bestselling book, The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse which is sure to be a family-friendly hit, while Yorkshire-filmed Happy Valley will fill the crime drama-shaped hole in our lives this festive season.

Additionally, Call The Midwife will return for its annual Christmas special, with Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer also getting festive with a new episode of Gone Fishing.

Fans are also pleased to see a Motherland Christmas special grace the schedule this festive season, alongside Greg Davies’ hilarious The Cleaner.

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