Pizza Hut Is Bringing Back Their KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza

Gravy and pizza, this is not a drill! Pizza and chicken are two of the essential food groups – after you’ve had a few pints. And, you can now enjoy them both together thanks to Pizza Hut and KFC’s new collaboration. They’ve brought back their brilliant Popcorn Chicken Pizza after it proved very popular with customers – selling out in just a few days.

Credit: Pizza Hut/ KFC

The two fast-food companies are doing a limited-edition that includes Pizza Huts cheesy pizza with KFC’s fried chicken, sweetcorn and gravy. That’s right, gravy on a pizza – this is no joke! As Yorkshire folk we enjoy gravy on anything and everything – so we know that this will speak to a lot of you out there.

It’s back for just a four-week run, according to The Mirror and is available from today until the 14th March

Amelia Riba, Chief Brand Officer, Pizza Hut UK & Europe said: “We’re so happy to be able to put the Pizza Hut’s KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza back on the Pizza Hut Delivery menu.”

“It was overwhelmingly popular with customers last year, so we want to keep delivering them products they love. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do but be quick, it’s not around for long!”

Credit: Pizza Hut/ KFC

Hazell White, Senior Brand Manager at KFC UK & Ireland, added: “Last year feels like a long time ago, so we’re really happy to be bringing this one back! Our incredible Popcorn Chicken on a pizza really does make sense, and we can’t wait for our fans to enjoy it all over again.”

“This year, we’re extra excited to offer a 2-4-1 deal on Boneless Banquets with every purchase, so there’s no excuse not to get involved.”

Let’s hope that they see the light and make this a permanent fixture of the menu – as it seems to be coming to a yearly collaboration between the two fast-food behemoths.