Pubs And Restaurants In The North ‘Likely To Close’, According To Reports

Pubs And Restaurants In The North ‘Likely To Close’, According To Reports

The government could be looking at closing pubs and restaurants in the North of England. The news comes are cases of coronavirus are on the increase in a number of northern cities. This week the University of Sheffield had almost 500 new cases in a short period of time.

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In his article for ITV’s Political Editor Robert Peston reports, that the government are seeing the virus act ‘similar to what happened in Italy in the first phase of the illness, where infections concentrated in the north.’

As a result, it seems that ministers are thinking about ‘imposing more severe restrictions on socialising in those areas.’ Peston states that these new restrictions are ‘likely to be announced on Monday, although they could come earlier.’

Peston has said in his article that, ‘the Health Secretary Matt Hancock is chairing a gold command meeting with relevant regional officials on Wednesday to review the growing crisis.’

A document was leaked earlier this week that hinted at a new traffic light system, the Red Alert system (Level 3) would see no social contact with anyone outside your household in any setting; hospitality and leisure businesses closed and amateur sports and hobbies banned.

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