Quality Street Reveal The Nation’s Favourite Chocolate – And It’s No Surprise

Quality Street Reveal The Nation’s Favourite Chocolate – And It’s No Surprise

The big questions are getting asked this Christmas period! Should A Fairytale Of New York’s lyrics be censored, do Yorkshire puds belong on a Christmas dinner, and now, what is the Nation’s favourite Quality Street?

Credit: Quality Street

Well, on today’s ITV’s This Morning, Alice, Phil and Holly were discussing the viral question at the minute which is the varying amounts of the ‘decent’ chocolates. They found that there was only four of The Purple Ones and loads more of the Orange Creme. On This Morning Alice said that it was down to a ‘weight thing’, according to Nestle.

Quality Street revealed to ITV’s This Morning that the Nation’s favourite chocolate is The Purple One. This will be little surprise to many of us, one thing we all knew is that the toffee coin wasn’t making it into the top 6. Those little buggers get stuck in your teeth and chances are you’ll need to visit a dentist after having a few of those over the Christmas period.

We know that in our house, their will be a scattering of Green Triangles and toffee coins littering the bottom of the tub. On the other hand there will be fights to the death for the Strawberry Delights.

Credit: Wikicommons Media

The Nation’s top 6 Quality Street are as follows:

6. Toffee Finger
5. Caramel Swirl
4. Orange creme
3. Strawberry delight
2. Green triangle
1. The purple one

Quality Street has released something extra special this year with their personalised tins. Not only can you get them with your name on, but you can also pick your own chocolates to go inside. If you’d like to get yours you can find out more here.

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