Yorkshire Is Set To Get An ‘Indian Summer’ Later This Month

Yorkshire Is Set To Get An ‘Indian Summer’ Later This Month

Better late than never, right? After an incredibly disappointing summer, weather experts are predicting that we’ll finally be blessed with a bit of sunshine later this month, with heatwave-level temperatures set to grace Yorkshire.

Predicted to arrive on October 2nd, forecasters expect temperatures much higher than average for the time of year, alongside dry conditions and “sunnier than average” skies.

According to Ian Simpson, a forecaster from Netweather, “It looks probable that we will see one or two relatively settled interludes early on in the period with ridges of high pressure moving in, most likely from the south.

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“Temperatures are likely to be above normal early in the period, but trending average to fairly cool late in the period. It will probably be drier than average for most, particularly in the west and north-west.”

Experts at the Met Office predict a similar pattern, too, saying “Overall, temperatures are more likely to be above average than below, with an increased chance compared with normal of some warm spells, but also some cooler nights”.

Met Office does, however, warn that it “doesn’t rule out spells of more changeable weather within this”.

Experts at BBC Weather predict that “Temperatures should hold up near or above the late September and early October averages, with no sign of any significantly cold weather on the horizon.”

Probably don’t put the sun cream away for the year, then?

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